Disaster Recovery

We help small business owners quickly get back on their feet following a disaster.

Disaster Recovery is not something most people like to think about.  Unfortunately, disasters do strike, and we are usually not prepared for what follows.

This client suffered a two burst pipes during the snowpocalypse of 2021.  We received an urgent call late in the evening that their gymnasium was flooding, so I rushed out to turn water off to the building.  The following day, we met to survey the damage and to line out a plan to mitigate his losses and to start the road to recovery.

Our plan included opening up the walls to start the drying-out process right away and to lessen the chances for mold.

We spent many an hour pouring over insurance adjustments, talking with adjusters, providing pictures and market values to help our client greatly increase the amount of his insurance recovery.

If you should find yourself in the middle of a catastrophe, the sooner you can start your disaster recovery efforts the better.

We can help you mitigate your losses, negotiate with your insurance company, and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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