May 18, 2022 | NorthStar

Business Success or Failure – A Quality General Contractors List Can Mean the Difference

Communication Communication is the first and perhaps one of the most important places to start. The better the communications early on, the greater the likelihood of a successful outcome. As…

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March 31, 2022 | NorthStar

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying/Leasing a New Location Small business owners tend to have more on their plates than most. A new space finish-out can be among the most challenging of responsibilities. This short video series helps…

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March 9, 2022 | NorthStar

Community Impact – Edward Jones Project

We are very excited to announce that Northstar Commercial Interiors is helping another client finish-out a new location. Catherine Jenkins, a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, is relocating her Lewisville…

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February 20, 2022 | NorthStar

Tenant Improvement Allowance – part 2

Part Two: TIA and the different property types In part-one of this series we focused on the Tenant Improvement Allowance.  In part-two we will dig into the three primary types…

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February 2, 2022 | NorthStar

Tenant Improvement Allowance – pt 1 of 2

Part One: Tenant Improvement Basics Tenant Improvement (TI), Tenant Allowance (TA) OR Tenant Improvement Allowance (TIA) are terms that most every small business owner and aspiring business owner should be…

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November 8, 2021 | NorthStar

Setting unrealistic budgets and/or timelines

If you have ever had a house built, or you’ve heard the stories of those who have, you’ve at least had exposure to how quickly/easily/frequently budgets and timelines can change….

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November 3, 2021 | NorthStar

Hiring a GC based on cost

Hiring a General Contractor based on cost is a risky proposition.  It seems that we have all purchased the low-cost item simply because it was the cheapest and later regretted…

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October 25, 2021 | NorthStar

Signing a contract before understanding your constructions costs

Just before COVID hit, two partners found a great location with plenty of parking for their new 6k sf events center.  In their excitement, they rushed to sign a contract…

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October 19, 2021 | NorthStar

Certificate of Occupancy Challenges

Assuming that a property will qualify for a Certificate of Occupancy just because there is or was a tenant in the space before you. We are all familiar with the…

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October 4, 2021 | NorthStar

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying or Leasing New Business Facilities

Mistake 1: Trying to Do-It-Yourself Consider this recent DIY horror story and the lessons learned: The scenario: A very successful business lady had just leased a new office space. She…

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