Medical Office Finish-Out: Melissa Eye Testimonial

Medical Office Finish-Out: Melissa Eye Testimonial

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Finishing-out a new business location is complicated and time-consuming. From start to finish, we simplify and speed the process along for you. First, what is a commercial finish-out? Simply put, that is when you take a shell building, a building with nothing but exteriors walls, and you completely “finish-out” the inside with the offices, restrooms, etc.,that you need. Now, imagine that you’ve been your current location for years and your landlord just told you that YOU HAVE 30 DAYS TO GET OUT… What would that mean for your business? Your customers? Your future?

Dr. Thomas was faced with that very situation. His landlord inexplicably told him that Melissa Eye Associates had 30 days to vacate the property. Without an office, he would have no way to see patients. One contractor warned him up front that the finish-out process would take at least 6 months. Fortunately, Dr. and Heather Thomas found Northstar Commercial Interiors. This video shares not only their dilemma, but how we jumped in to help them build a beautiful new office in record time.

Jeff Hurst

NorthStar Commercial Interiors, LLC