Landlords are as diverse as the Tenants who rent from them, and their strategies for managing their properties can differ widely.  On one end of the spectrum, some Landlords are very hands-on and like to be involved in every aspect of their space finish-out or remodel.  On the other end, some are hands-off and simply want to provide a Tenant Improvement Allowance for the Tenant to handle their own construction.  As a Landlord, wherever you land on that spectrum, we understand the critical importance of maximizing your ROI.

Whether you want to turn your cold, dark shell into a more appealing white box, or you want to entirely finish-out the space, or you simply need a cosmetic make-ready for the next tenant, we help you stay on budget while delivering an attractive office Tenants will desire.

With NorthStar Commercial Interiors you can rest easy.  We are committed to understanding and helping you achieve your goals.

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Shell Space Finish-outs

While perhaps the most intimidating of the Tenant Improvement options, Shell Space Finish-outs can provide you with the greatest flexibility to build exactly what you want and need.  What’s more,…

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Remodel Existing Locations

Have you found the right location and size but the previous tenant’s floor plan doesn’t work for you? We provide turnkey solutions to rebuild interiors that meet our client’s unique…

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Renovate Older Spaces

The thought of renovating an older space can elicit vastly different reactions.  Some are so excited they can hardly wait to get started.  Others may shudder at the thought of…

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Disaster Recovery

If you find yourself in this situation, our hearts go out to you.  We understand that this experience can have a major impact on your business and life.  We want…

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